In Mimis Attic Baby Maxaloones REVIEW

Firstly, I must say these trousers matured my patience. I received these maxaloones at Christmas time, but Harvey has just now properly grown into them. I’ve been putting him in these every couple of months hoping (the only time I’ve hoped this since he’s born) that he has grown enough to fit them. In case you’re not familiar with maxaloones, they are trousers made out of … Continue reading In Mimis Attic Baby Maxaloones REVIEW


Hi guys! I hope you all enjoyed the previous posts in this mini-series showing my “top five natural products”. I’ve had a lot of fun sharing my holy grail natural products! Disclaimer with this series: These products may not be the most natural product available on the market. I’m not claiming them to be completely natural, but they definitely sway toward the natural side. –TOP … Continue reading TOP 5 NATURAL BODY & HAIR PRODUCTS

Favourite Cloth Diapers! [updated]

Now that sweet Harvey is seven months old, we’ve finally achieved “stash happy” status! We’ve added, subtracted and tweaker our cloth diaper stash to our essentials! We have two categories when it comes to cloth diapers and a sub-category… We have day and night diapers and at home and out diapers…. We use totally separate day and night diapers because the day ones wouldn’t be … Continue reading Favourite Cloth Diapers! [updated]

FinnandJules harem baby trousers REVIEW

To every mum struggling to find stylish and affordable baby clothes that are “cut for cloth” (clothes that fit cloth nappies/diapers), look no further than FinnandJules! Apart from H&M baby clothes which I can’t rave about enough, it’s been very hard to find much that isn’t six months too big for him in every area except the bum area. And H&M’s baby range is quite limited … Continue reading FinnandJules harem baby trousers REVIEW