Gentle Methods: Baby Sleeping Through The Night!

As with my post on cloth diapering, this post is written due to popular demand. I’ve sent basically the same long message to many friends and acquaintances after they’ve followed my [and Harvey’s] journey from waking up countless time at night (yes! countless! some nights I lost count after 14) to sleeping 12-13 hours at night. From birth, Harvey would wake up on average every … Continue reading Gentle Methods: Baby Sleeping Through The Night!

First Father’s Day! … and it was a posh one!

I wouldn’t have thought that 2015 would be our first year for Father’s Day! So much has changed just in the past year! But I love everything about our life! I love that I have a husband who is a fantastic father. He is so patient with both me and Harvey. He is strong for us both when we aren’t, and he’s been so supportive … Continue reading First Father’s Day! … and it was a posh one!

Traveling Abroad with a Baby

We recently just went on our first proper holiday as a family of three. In fairness, this isn’t the first time we’ve went abroad, but it feels like our first proper holiday. We flew from England to America when Harvey was three months old for Christmas. It was a nice holiday seeing family. This past holiday was a sunny, summery holiday with no agenda but just enjoying … Continue reading Traveling Abroad with a Baby

Why Can’t We All Work From Home?!

Today is Monday. I have never really liked Mondays. But I especially don’t like today. We just had a fabulous 10 day holiday. While 10 days may not sound like a long time, the past ten days has truly felt like forever. The best part about it was that we got to spend ten days as a solid family of three… not interrupted by daddy leaving … Continue reading Why Can’t We All Work From Home?!


Hi guys! I hope you all enjoyed the previous posts in this mini-series showing my “top five natural products”. I’ve had a lot of fun sharing my holy grail natural products! Disclaimer with this series: These products may not be the most natural product available on the market. I’m not claiming them to be completely natural, but they definitely sway toward the natural side. –TOP … Continue reading TOP 5 NATURAL BODY & HAIR PRODUCTS

Favourite Cloth Diapers! [updated]

Now that sweet Harvey is seven months old, we’ve finally achieved “stash happy” status! We’ve added, subtracted and tweaker our cloth diaper stash to our essentials! We have two categories when it comes to cloth diapers and a sub-category… We have day and night diapers and at home and out diapers…. We use totally separate day and night diapers because the day ones wouldn’t be … Continue reading Favourite Cloth Diapers! [updated]

Harvey’s (and mummy’s) 6 month update!

It seems like just yesterday our life was totally different and it was only us two (Tom + Andrea)… It’ so true when people say “your whole life is going to change when your baby is born”. Everything changes! OVERNIGHT!  Some changes are very fun and easily adaptable while others have been a bit hard to adjust to. But of course, it goes without saying that everything … Continue reading Harvey’s (and mummy’s) 6 month update!

My Home Water Birth Journey

This is my candid birth story…. you’ve been pre-warned. [My birth story- video and pictures videos- linked below] | Born 25 September 2014 at 7:20am | I am writing my birth story on 29 September with sweet Harvey laying so cutely along my chest. I feel so incredibly blessed in this moment. I cannot believe I’m a mother… and that my son is so perfect. The … Continue reading My Home Water Birth Journey


29 July 2014… marks our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY It’s been a great year with many changes including an amazing surprise addition to our family We had a pretty chilled out day overall. We started the morning with me making breakfast for us both… I had our wedding video playing on our TV as Tom walked into our kitchen for breakfast. We had breakfast together and … Continue reading 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY | Family Vlog