Full hearts in Seattle…

Hello friends! It’s been absolutely too long. I miss blogging (and vlogging), but have somehow too easily put this on the backburner. I’ve allowed myself to get caught in the daily routine of having two young children, and all of my downtime is unashamedly avoiding nearly everything that requires thinking of real effort. But again, I miss this. I miss you guys. I miss writing … Continue reading Full hearts in Seattle…

our journey towards minimalism

I’ve been wanting to write this out for awhile now, but never knew exactly what to say. I’ll just start from the beginning… BACK STORY I grew up knowing that it was impractical to have an “unnecessary” amount of stuff. I moved [on average] every three years growing up… sometimes more often and sometimes less. I stayed in the same general city for a good ten … Continue reading our journey towards minimalism

Gentle Methods: Baby Sleeping Through The Night!

As with my post on cloth diapering, this post is written due to popular demand. I’ve sent basically the same long message to many friends and acquaintances after they’ve followed my [and Harvey’s] journey from waking up countless time at night (yes! countless! some nights I lost count after 14) to sleeping 12-13 hours at night. From birth, Harvey would wake up on average every … Continue reading Gentle Methods: Baby Sleeping Through The Night!

TOP 5 natural baby products

I’m starting a mini-series of my TOP FIVE NATURAL PRODUCTS. Let’s start with my top five natural baby products. The cheeky thing with this is that these are pretty much the only products we’ve ever used on Harvey… and there just happens to be five of them. I have also included a cheeky bonus item! —TOP FIVE NATURAL BABY PRODUCTS— 1. CJ’s Butter [nappy/diaper cream] I … Continue reading TOP 5 natural baby products

Harvey’s (and mummy’s) 6 month update!

It seems like just yesterday our life was totally different and it was only us two (Tom + Andrea)… It’ so true when people say “your whole life is going to change when your baby is born”. Everything changes! OVERNIGHT!  Some changes are very fun and easily adaptable while others have been a bit hard to adjust to. But of course, it goes without saying that everything … Continue reading Harvey’s (and mummy’s) 6 month update!

My Wishlist- Top Ten for Harvey

  -Baby Mocassins- Has anyone else fallen in the trap of baby shoes? I know, I know, they grow out of them in about thirty seconds, but their cuteness is overwhelming. I love soft newborn shoes. These mocassins by Freshly Picked have great reviews for their durability and are raved about for staying on the foot. They are quite expensive, especially because they will be outgrown quickly, … Continue reading My Wishlist- Top Ten for Harvey