Favourite Cloth Diapers! [updated]

Now that sweet Harvey is seven months old, we’ve finally achieved “stash happy” status! We’ve added, subtracted and tweaker our cloth diaper stash to our essentials! We have two categories when it comes to cloth diapers and a sub-category… We have day and night diapers and at home and out diapers…. We use totally separate day and night diapers because the day ones wouldn’t be … Continue reading Favourite Cloth Diapers! [updated]

DIY Thieves Oil Spray

Have you heard the story behind Thieves oil? It all started during the Bubonic Plague… a horrible plague that took hundreds of millions of lives as it spread throughout Europe. However, it seemed there were a group of people that managed to survive the horrible epidemic despite being in such close proximity to the infected. There were a group of thieves that were stealing from the dead … Continue reading DIY Thieves Oil Spray