About Us

Hello and welcome!  I’m so glad we found each other!

I am a midwife, mother of two crazy curly-haired toe heads, wife of a sexy Brit, and a friend that has a lot to share.  I have many interests and go all in figuring everything there is to know about them.  This blog is my outlet… it’s my opportunity to share what I’m learning to whoever will listen (or read).

Thriving Through Science is a sort of re-birth for my blog.  I had a more personal blog focused around my family/motherhood, natural home and beauty.  My life has changed quite a lot since that blog launched and I took a big hiatus while I was in the thick of raising two small humans, attending births (ready my midwifery journey here), and working as a Project Manager.

My oldest child is now in full-time Montessori Preschool, and I find myself sitting with a lot of thoughts to share.  My toddler daughter will be my little side-kick at home with me while I navigate this new journey of blogging and sharing my interests (err obsessions?) with you!  I think her hair will probably develop a permanent coffee odor within the coming months.

The Mission of my blog is to share science backed data-driven information focused mainly around health and wellness.  I have changed my skin, completely transformed my body and am on an interesting journey of finding out why I think the way I do and how I can think and feel better.  It is exhausting and frustrating trying to sort through the BS of marketing ploys and coming up short.

I want to share what science proves over and over.

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