Full hearts in Seattle…

Hello friends!

It’s been absolutely too long. I miss blogging (and vlogging), but have somehow too easily put this on the backburner. I’ve allowed myself to get caught in the daily routine of having two young children, and all of my downtime is unashamedly avoiding nearly everything that requires thinking of real effort. But again, I miss this. I miss you guys. I miss writing out my thoughts.

So let’s get caught up.

We moved from London, England to Seattle, Washington nearly two years ago. We have made a little happy family here in Seattle, and I kind of love it. Seattle is very different from any other place I’ve lived in the states. It’s most similar to the UK than anywhere else I’ve lived in America. This city is absolutely stunning. How can one city be surrounded by trees, ocean and mountains (and volcanoes!)? Tom and I are constantly taken aback and feel so humbled to live in such a thriving city. (Let’s just not talk about the housing market- that sh*t is crazy!)
We initially moved to Seattle and lived in a long-term Airbnb home for one month. That home was absolutely perfect for us in every way. We still talk about that house and neighborhood. We then moved to a lovely loft apartment in the heart of West Seattle. However, that sweet little loft apartment was not ideal with children. Man… I still cringe at how unsuitable it was. But it was a great little place for our first year. Now, we’re happily in a lovely home in West Seattle. Having a yard, four of your own walls and a garage cannot feel more necessary with children. We are very grateful.

I have decided to put a hold on continuing my midwifery career at this point. I worked with a few midwives since moving here, but it was honestly very hard to manage a healthy work-life balance. I absolutely loved supporting families and attending births, but I’ve very aware at how quickly the years pass with young children. This is the time I can never get back. Being on call 24/7 is draining.
I haven’t really allowed myself the space to think about what will be next for me career-wise. It feels too overwhelming and uncertain right now when I’m in the thick of raising two little people. I just know that right now, midwifery is not sustainable for me. But that doesn’t mean it will never be. At this point, I am 100% keeping my CPM certification as I’m not fully convinced midwifery is over for me indefinitely.

Now… how can I give a life update without including the newest addition to our family- sweet Luna bug. (Her real name is Luna Olwyne, but I call her “bug”, “buggie” and “Luna bug” often. Just catching you up on the lingo in case you think we have a pet bug).

Luna was born on February 4th. She was a beast! She weighed 10lbs 13oz and measuring 22 inches long. I was not expecting that big of a baby. Birthing her was insanely hard. Thankfully, I had another home birth.

Here is her home birth video if you’d like to watch

Luna entered the world making quite the name for herself. But since then, she has been nothing but an absolute dream. I can’t even begin to count the ways her and Harvey are different. In general, she is just extremely sweet, cuddly, content and all around lovely in every way.

Life with two children is very different than I thought it would be- I will have to save that for another blog post. It’s overall much easier than I imagined- thank God as I was really preparing for the worst.

Harvey and Luna were instantly best friends

[Sorry (not sorry) for the spam of pictures]

So yes, Harvey now has the proud title of “big brother” as well as “preschooler”! He started preschool this fall at a sweet little in-home preschool just around the corner from us. Harvey is still extremely confident, social and incredibly brave. He exceeded our expectations when he began preschool. He always excitedly runs into school without hesitation, and already has a bff. Her name is Luna too! ❀ I am so proud of him.

Tom and I are both doing very well. I am trying to fully appreciate this season of life and feel so grateful for the life we have made for ourselves. Tom’s career is growing and he hasn’t looked back since moving to the states. I don’t think he’ll ever want to leave, although I often do miss living in England. I cannot wait to go back for a visit (in December!). But again, we love our sweet little set up here.

I think this will be the end of my very condensed 2 year life update.

This picture is now 7 months old, but the only picture I can find of us as a family of 4! Obviously, that needs to change soon.

Andrea xoxo

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