London- it’s not goodbye

69082-9aa6f4ad7a2a11ddc282184a442b137aYou never quite know what’s just around the corner.

Our next exciting adventure will be lived out in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington.

That’s right, we are leaving the lively and historical [and extremely overpriced city] of London, England.

And although this will be quite a drastic change for us, it’s not as unexpected as it seems.

Let’s back up and I will explain a bit about our forever connected relationship my husband and I have with the USA and the UK.

My husband is British.

I am American.

That pretty much sums it up…

[I will be writing a lovely blog post on our how we met and how we got here soon. And I can’t guarantee it won’t be sappy.]

Long story short, Tom and I met in the UK while I was studying abroad for six month. I think there must have been only about five days in the full six months of my time there that we didn’t see each other.

We dated across seas for two and a half years, got married, spent the first year of marriage still across seas (waiting on a marriage visa… And yes it was more awful than you can imagine), and finally I ended up in the uk to live with Tom.

During the time we were apart, I was finishing university and went on to train as a midwife.

I wasn’t clear in the legislation or transferability of my midwifery training to the uk, but naively assumed there would be an simple route to become licensed in the UK with the thorough training and national license I have in the states.

Sadly, I was proven wrong. It would take me eight years to be qualified to be a midwife in the uk (five years waiting to get ‘indefinite leave to remain’ essentially granting you with almost all of the rights as a british citizen + three years midwifery training).

I was completely deflated by this news. I didn’t know what I was going to do to pass the time while I was living in the uk. I was an eager new midwife with nothing to do. I was so beyond relieved and happy to finally get to live with my husband, but I couldn’t live up to the full potential of who I was, which was a midwife.


I worked a bit, travelled back to the states to work with a midwife for five weeks, and then became mum! It worked out perfectly. I then knew what I was supposed to do with the rest of my time in the UK. I have been able to stay home with my lovely son Harvey every day since he was born.

It’s been an incredible honor.


But Tom and I always knew when the right opportunity presented itself to move back to the states, we would.

He has an incredible career and absolutely loves the company he works for. And lucky for us, they have offices in Seattle! It’s also a great city for midwives.

Just look at the beauty…


So here we are… A young family with a little toddler moving our livese across the world again. We have been dutifully packing, sorting, organizing, selling, and donating.

And while we will be extremely (!!!) sad leaving the in-laws (Harvey’s precious grandma and grandpa), we know this is the best choice for us. And lucky for us, we will be traveling back and forth between London and Seattle at least once a year. London will always have a special place in our heart. We absolutely adore this city.


Our trek across the pacific is only two short weeks away.

Here we go…


Andrea xoxo

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