In Mimis Attic Baby Maxaloones REVIEW

Firstly, I must say these trousers matured my patience.


I received these maxaloones at Christmas time, but Harvey has just now properly grown into them. I’ve been putting him in these every couple of months hoping (the only time I’ve hoped this since he’s born) that he has grown enough to fit them.

In case you’re not familiar with maxaloones, they are trousers made out of cotton knit fabric and are uniquely cut to fit a wide range of sizes. The material is very stretchy, but durable. They have an extra band of material around the waist and ankles that can be folded to fit smaller babies. The bum area is cut and sewn in a round shape allowing extra space for growth. This detail is especially fab for bulky cloth bums which is what got me looking into maxaloones in the first place.


These trousers are from the shop InMimisAttic. They last from 3 months to 3 years! That sounds absurd, right? But they do!

I love this fabric print (“denim splatter”) because they look a bit like denim from afar, but are much more comfortable and fit like leggings. I think Harvey has worn denim once in his life. We’re just not a fan. He only wears leggings and rompers. They require no faff, are much more comfortable for him, and look adorable.

I found InMimisAttic’s shop on etsy… my all time favourite place to shop online. These are handmade and ethically produced. InMimisAttic’s customer service is amazing. It seems that they have a huge team of people always available as they respond to their messages within minutes, but I think it’s just one very efficient lady. As nutty as it may sound, quick responding, kind customer service matters to me. Often times, if I’m waiting to hear back from a shop and they don’t reply for a few days, chances are that I’ve already found a replacement with someone else.

If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect style of maxaloones, they can also be customised! Many shops carry a wide arrange of fabrics and can be made specially for your baby. They can have two different patterns (the bum and cuffs can be one pattern and the legs can be a different pattern). This customisable option is the best gift… that secretly is just for you! Because let’s face it, we’re the ones that enjoy playing dress-up! But imagine coordinating them with their birthday theme. How perfect?!

Okay now for the photoshoot…

Harvey had a great time in our mini garden photoshoot. Enjoy!

IMG_0009  IMG_0012 IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024IMG_0026 IMG_0027

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