Why Can’t We All Work From Home?!

Today is Monday.
I have never really liked Mondays. But I especially don’t like today.

We just had a fabulous 10 day holiday. While 10 days may not sound like a long time, the past ten days has truly felt like forever. The best part about it was that we got to spend ten days as a solid family of three… not interrupted by daddy leaving for work.
Seven of the days were spent in Lanzarote and then came back to spend the weekend in London.

Our Lanzarote holiday was more relaxing and refreshing than I thought was possible with a baby. Harvey is now eight months old. He was cutting four teeth on holiday, but was such a trooper! He slept like a dream and was only minimally fussy with his teething pain. He managed to keep a smile on his face the whole trip.

It was a great holiday!

family holiday

Tom and I have always really treasured and appreciated our time together since most of our dating relationship was long-distance… 4,584 miles apart. I think that solid attitude of gratefulness of each other’s company has continued into our marriage. Long weekends, bank holiday and family holidays have been our favourite times of the year because we get to spend them together… uninterrupted by life’s demands.

So today Tom went back to work after spending ten days with me and Harvey. I know… it’s not the end of the world.

I know many people wouldn’t feel as sad as I do. Maybe they’re just used to this ebb and flow of life or maybe they’re even relieved by going back to work away from the sometimes chaotic life that comes with parenthood.
And while I’m sure Tom may have felt a bit overwhelmed and surprised at how full-on it can be staying with Harvey at all times, we’re both wishing he could stay home.

We are very appreciative of Tom’s job. He loves it, and I love that it makes him happy and fulfilled. It also has some great perks! But having him working from home is a goal of ours. We love the flexibility it brings.
I know there are a lot of pros and cons for working from home… but the cons seem to be less important on days like today.

I am very glad that Harvey can’t speak much or walk yet because I’m not looking forward to the times I have to pry his hands from the front door as he runs after Tom saying “dadda!” as he leaves the house for work.

All this seems so trivial when compared to other things that could bring on sadness, but it’s just how I feel in this moment. Again, I am very thankful for his job, incredibly grateful that I get to stay home with my baby Harvey and am so pleased that we get to live a life full of love, freedom, peace and joyfulness.

But it’s also okay to embrace all of your feelings and give them the space and respect they deserve.

Now to you… do you find yourself in the same boat? Or another one entirely? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Watch the last vlog from our holiday below. The other two vlogs from our holiday can be found on our youtube channel.

Andrea xoxo

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