Hi guys!

I hope you all enjoyed the previous posts in this mini-series showing my “top five natural products”. I’ve had a lot of fun sharing my holy grail natural products!

Disclaimer with this series: These products may not be the most natural product available on the market. I’m not claiming them to be completely natural, but they definitely sway toward the natural side.


1. Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Until I found this shampoo & conditioner, I had given up my search for a natural shampoo and conditioner. I have tried so many different brands and even made my own. Every single one I tried and made left my hair feeling so weighed down, tangly, too dry or too oily and just completely unmanageable. I eventually gave up… Until I heard about desert essence brand. Honestly, it was their packaging that made me try it. It looked like normal, commercial shampoo and conditioner. I wanted it to work like the non-natural shampoo and conditioner, but for it to be natural!
And that’s exactly what it does! I have tried the Jojoba Shampoo and Shea Butter Conditioner by Desert Essence as well and loved it! I do prefer the coconut scent though. It’s their best seller.
So if you’re on the hunt for a comparable shampoo and conditioner that’s cruelty free and more natural, I would recommend you take a gamble on Desert Essence! I bought mine off of Vitacost. They always have offers, and I have a coupon link below.

[$10 off Vitacost coupon!]

2. Weleda Skin Food

This past winter I was on the hunt for a natural, thick lotion. I found Weleda Skin Food and there’s no turning back! It is excellent at replenishing dry and cracked skin, and can be mixed with a thinner lotion or body oil for a lighter, normal lotion. I use it on it’s own when my hands are dry and tight. They are frequently quite dry since there is a lot of cleaning up and washing of hands with a baby!
I then mix it with a body oil to apply on my legs and arms when they’re looking a bit parched. The only thing that bothers me about the product is the packaging. I think it’s an aluminum tube which I think will not work in your favour when trying to get every last bit out of the product when you’re running low. I also just don’t like squeezing that material. It kinda freaks me out.

3. Karicream Shea Butter Lotion

This lotion has been miraculous! Well, close to it! I bought this from a stand at Spitafields Market in London. I wasn’t really looking to buy lotions that day, but I tried a sample while walking past and had to turn around immediately. It is a rich, luxurious texture with a hint of vanilla bean smell. It is so nourishing and creamy. I used this on Harvey’s arms and legs when his skin started to get a bit dry from rubbing on the ground when he started mastering his army crawl. I applied a tiny amount to his forearms and shins after his bath before bed. After three days of this, his skin was completely renewed and back to silky baby soft! I couldn’t believe it! I started thinking he must not have had rough skin in the first place.
This has quickly become a staple in our nighttime routine! I think Harvey enjoys the quick massage as well.

4. Secret Natural Mineral Deodorant

So… my struggle with finding a natural deodorant is very similar to my natural shampoo & conditioner struggle. I want it to be natural, but work as well as the other brands! Let me tell you, the hunt has been full of sweat and stench!
I don’t think I’ve ever finished a tube of natural deodorant before I found this brand… Most wore off mid-day and I would need to re-apply. However, my problem is that I’m too lazy to do this, so I end up just having mediocre body odour coverage which is far from ideal.
My favourite brand of deodorant has always been Secret. When I found the natural mineral line of Secret, I about pee’d my pants. I couldn’t believe it! I looked on the EWG’s Skin Deep and saw that [the unscented & lemon grass mint] had a score of one which is quite good- especially for Secret! [I didn’t realise that the eucalyptus blossum had a score of four so I got that one! When I re-purchase, I will get the Lemon Grass Mint!]
It lasts all day and smells wonderful. I’ll have to update you on my thoughts with the lemon grass mint smell.
The only thing that I don’t like about this product is that it’s quite hard to find! I easily found it in Target when I first looked, but I haven’t seen it in stores since and it seems to be sold out online a lot.

5. Tom’s of Maine Flouride-Free Toothpaste

I’ve been a flouride-free natural toothpaste user for about six years now. I’ve always used the same brand and flavour without complaint. I use the Antiplaque & Whitening in Peppermint flavour. I like that this is easily available in stores [in the US… or on amazon in the UK]. The taste is different than commercial toothpastes as it’s not full of sugar. This may be a bit of a surprise taste if you’ve only used colgate, crest, etc. But I like the flavour a lot! I’ve tried crest about a year ago when I forgot my toothpaste at a friend’s house, and I was taken aback by the sugary taste! I forgot how sweet it was!
There’s nothing much to say about the product but that it’s easily accessible, pretty affordable for a natural toothpaste, natural and flouride free.
Curious about why I use flouride-free toothpaste? This post has great info.

Over to you- I’d love to know your top natural hair and body care products!

Andrea xoxo

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