To continue my series on my ‘top five natural products’, here is my top five natural skincare products!

Disclaimer with this series: These products are not the most natural products available on the market. The full list of the ingredients may not be 100% natural, but they are definitely more safe and non-toxic than most other commercially-available products.

Basically, these five products are all I use on my skin apart from a daytime moisturizer. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect lightweight natural SPF moisturizer. Please tweet me your suggestions!


I have arranged these in the order of how I use them from morning to night.

1. Burt’s Bees Soap Bark & Camomile Cream Cleanser
IMG_0236I clean my face every morning with this cleanser. It is a very gentle cream cleanser. Since using this face wash, I’ve fallen in love with the simple, gentle and very effective cream cleansers. I definitely attribute more of my battle to clear skin to me using harsh cleansers. I now know that gentle, sensitive cleansers are many times all your skin needs to stay clear. Less is better [most of the time]. This soap is very easy to get both in the states and in the UK where I’ve bought it. It has a light floral/sunflower scent. And it lasts absolutely ages! I’ve had the same large tube for nearly four months now and have loads left. This will continue to be my holy grail face wash unless it randomly stops working for me.

2. Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

IMG_0240If I’ve worn makeup that day, I will start my night routine with taking off my mascara and eye shadow (on the rare instances that I wear it) with a tiny scoop of coconut oil. I’ve found this to be the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever tried! I’ve found other eye makeup removers to be very expensive for what they are and they’ve always gotten into my eyes- ouch!
Coconut oil is very affordable! Especially with the tiny amount you need to take off your makeup.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Castile Soap

IMG_0239I then move on to taking off my face makeup. I choose not to take off my face makeup with coconut oil. I’ve found my skin to be too dry when I wipe off the coconut oil. It seems to strip my skin a bit. It’s been fine for my eyes, but not for the rest of my body. I do use another oil-based product, though. I like the Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil Soap. Tea tree oil is good at preventing breakouts, and an oil-based product does such a great job at removing all of your makeup! I rub on a little bit of the oil onto my face, add a bit of water to lather it up and then wipe off with a wet, warm washcloth. I love Dr. Bronner’s products! They are fair trade, cruelty free, organic and very natural.

4. Kognac Facial Sponge

IMG_0238This is by far my favourite skincare product! I’ve noticed such a difference since using a kognac sponge. They’re really interesting… and I’m not exactly sure how they work… Kognac sponges are great for naturally and gently exfoliating your skin. I think it’s gentle enough to use every night, so that’s what I do. Many other traditional exfoliators actually use plastic as the exfoliating bits. I’m not too keen on that! And others, even if they’re more natural are just too harsh to use daily. But I like the idea of a gentle exfoliation each night before bed. You can use a kognac sponge on it’s own without any cleanser, or you can add your cleanser to it. You of course will need to remove your makeup before this process regardless if you use a kognac sponge with or without cleanser added to it. I don’t add any cleanser to mine. It’s really quick to cleanse your face with a kognac sponge- gently massage it all over your face (and even your eye area!) in circular motions. I’ve found this to improve the texture and lighten pigmentation of my skin.

5. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum 

IMG_0237Lastly, I apply the midnight recovery serum all over my face to replenish the moisture to my face overnight. This product is not cheap! But it’s lasting a ridiculously long time. I think only about 1/10 is gone and I’ve used it for about three months now! You only need to use about 2-3 drops each night… and you don’t even have to use it every night.
Disclaimer: Kiehl’s can’t recommend this product to breastfeeding or pregnant women because of the essential oils the product contains.
As with everything- do your own research!

And there you have it! Those are my holy grail natural skincare products.

Want more?!

Read part one of this series: TOP 5 Natural Baby Products.

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