TOP 5 natural baby products

I’m starting a mini-series of my TOP FIVE NATURAL PRODUCTS.

Let’s start with my top five natural baby products. The cheeky thing with this is that these are pretty much the only products we’ve ever used on Harvey… and there just happens to be five of them.

I have also included a cheeky bonus item!



1. CJ’s Butter [nappy/diaper cream]

I have talked about CJ’s butter quite a lot on my youtube channel. When I started looking into cloth diapering, I learned that most commercially available nappy rash cream is not cloth nappy safe… urrrrm?! Is anyone else freaked out by that? If it’s not safe for fabrics, how can it be good for fresh-squidgy-soft-sensitive-baby skin? I ordered a sample pot of CJ’s butter in the scent Monkey Farts (I know….) for my diaper bag and then a full size tube in the scent Love Spell.
The first thing I fell in love with was the scent! I didn’t get to actually test it until harvey was about four months old and started teething. But the scent was incredible! Monkey Farts is their number one seller and is definitely  my favourite. I just ordered a full size tub of monkey farts.
I’ve now used the cream quite a lot now that Harvey is teething (teething makes their urine acidic and irritates the skin). He got two teeth by four months… poor baby! I was blown away by how quickly the cream cleared up his rash. It seems to instantly soothe his rash.
The cream is a lot more oily, light-weight and creamy than other nappy rash creams I’ve seen! It doesn’t leave a thick, white layer on their skin, but actually absorbs very well.

2. Jack N’ Jill Natural Calendula Toothpaste Blueberry

I did quite a lot of research when looking for natural baby toothpaste. My family only uses natural, flouride-free toothpaste and definitely wanted Harvey to have the natural, flouride-free toothpaste as well. I refer to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep resource website a lot when looking for natural products. Jack n Jill’s natural baby toothpaste had a score of zero meaning there are no hazards with the full ingredients list.
We use a tiny spot on his teething toothbrush and brush his teeth in the morning and night.

3. Cloth nappies, wipes, wool covers
If you’ve been following our family for awhile, it comes to no surprise to you that we are a cloth diapering family… aaaaaaaand we love it! We love how much better cloth is as an alternative for disposables. And I think my husband and I were very pleasantly surprised at how simple [and quite enjoyable!] cloth diapering is! Sometimes when I feel a little put out by the constant demands of washing, drying and putting together the nappies, I just remember how much better it is for Harvey, the environment and our bank account! Seriously!
So Harvey is in cloth nappies “full time” (all day and night). We use cloth wipes at home and water wipes on-the-go. And if we’re not using night hybrids, we use cotton nappies with a wool cover.
I will be doing a full, updated favourite nappies post and video, so stay tuned for that!

4. DIY thieves spray
I made my own Thieves disinfectant spray and occasionally use it to clean Harvey’s changing mat. Thieves is a great natural disinfectant oil. Thieves oil is a blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, clove and lemon.
*Disclaimer* It is not unanimously agreed that it is safe to use Thieves oil around babies and young children as rosemary and eucalyptus can create respiratory problems. However, I believe how I’m using it does not pose harm. I spray the mat once or twice and wipe it off with a cloth wipe. I only clean it like this maybe once a day. The room is always aired out with an open window. I then use a muslin under his head so he is not in as close contact with the oil.
See my DIY Thieves Oil Cleaning Spray video.

5. Homeopathic camomilla
I was first turned on to camomilla when I received an herbal blend breastfeeding tea. It contained camomilla, fennel and something else… mumma brain… I started reading the benefits of each herb and read that fennel and camomile help baby’s tummy problems (ie. gas, colic, etc). I started drinking camomile tea throughout the day for a couple reasons: help us both sleep better at night between the very frequent wakings to feed and to help ease Harvey’s gassy tummy.
I then moved onto crushing homeopathic camomilla pellets into a powder and gave it to him in the day and before bed as needed. I could tell drinking the tea did help some, but wanted something a bit stronger (but wasn’t keen to try medicines). I think it definitely helped!
And then around four months when he was teething, an accupuncture friend told me I could use the pellets to help with teething pain. We pretty much solely used that and the store-bought Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules as they’re very easy to bring on-the-go.
[Read on for the other natural product we used for teething]


Punkin Butt Teething Oil
So I did a lot of research into natural remedies when I was pregnant to be somewhat prepared for the normal ailments when they came. I read many positive testimonies about Punkin Butt Teething Oil. It contains several essential oils to help numb the gums from the pain associated with teething.
The reason this is a bonus product and not solely in my top five is because I haven’t used it enough to know if it really works wonders. I have used it a few times and it seems to provide quite instant relief, but after the fact, I always wondered if he wasn’t actually teething, but just generally fussy because I still haven’t seen any teeth come through in months since then… But I was told by a dental hygienist that babies teeth slowly push upward making their way to the surface many times before actually breaking through the gum. So if they seem like they’re teething, but nothing comes through for ages, they may just be trying to deal with the pain of their teeth moving upward. Poor babies…
Another great thing about Punkin Butt besides the fact that they were very kind to confirm their dilution is that they shipped to me in the UK for a VERY reasonable price when I reached out to them on their facebook page after not being able to find how to buy it in the UK. It arrived very quickly as well! So if you don’t live in the states, I would recommend getting in contact with them to see if they will ship to you directly.
*Disclaimer* It does contain clove oil which, again, is controversial to use with babies. However, after doing lots of research myself, I saw that the general consensus is that if clove oil is diluted to .25, it is safe to use with babies. I personally reached out to Punkin Butt and asked if it was diluted to .25 and they confirmed it was! 

Check out my video below to see me talk about each of these products. Be sure to subscribe if you would like to see more of my videos:

Andrea xoxo

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