Favourite Cloth Diapers! [updated]

Now that sweet Harvey is seven months old, we’ve finally achieved “stash happy” status!
We’ve added, subtracted and tweaker our cloth diaper stash to our essentials!

We have two categories when it comes to cloth diapers and a sub-category… We have day and night diapers and at home and out diapers….

We use totally separate day and night diapers because the day ones wouldn’t be absorbent enough to last all night (we’ve never found it necessary to change Harvey in the night), and the night ones would be way too bulky and OTT for his daytime use. We then use different diapers at home than we do when we go out. I’ll explain the reasons for that later.

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[At home]
We use hybrid diapers in the day at home. These are our very favourite type of diapers! The ones we use are all birth to potty, so have a fold down rise that makes the nappy smaller with younger babies. Harvey still uses that and he’s seven months old. They are made up of only fabric (do not have pul). Pul is a plastic fabric that most cloth diapers has in it to keep it from leaking. The downside to pul is that it can create overheating similarly to disposables because it doesn’t allow much air flow to the baby’s bits. Scientists believe,”Plastic nappy use may have a negative long-term effect on testicular maturation, spermatogenesis and, in addition, may facilitate the development of testicular cancer”. The studies were done on disposables and then cotton cloth nappies. There was no change in scrotum temperature with cloth nappies, but an increase of one degree celcius in disposables. Read the BBC article here.
The reason we don’t use hybrids while we’re out is because they do not last as long as the other nappies we have since they do not have the plastic waterproof layer. They last around three hours before they start to get a bit damp on the outside.
We have a few favourite brands of hybrids: Moxxy, Sonny Sunshine and Binky D.

-Binky D
They have 2 layers of fabric inside. I like how the longer one can be folded up to make the front of the nappy more absorbent which is perfect for boys! I like this minky fabric as it doesn’t fade or pil up like normal cotton exterior nappies.

IMG_0115 IMG_0116

They have three layers of fabric inside and the bottom layer is backed with a windpro fabric which is more absorbent. They have gorgeous prints available and often have “swim knit” material on the outside which makes it very silky and always looks new! (ie. no wash wear or pilling)

IMG_0117 IMG_0118

-Sonny Sunshine
This has to be my favourite brand of hybrids. They just seem to fit Harvey so well and are very absorbent. They have a tri-fold layer inside. The newer style has windpro backed under layer to make it even more absorbent.







IMG_0119 IMG_0120

Our favourite nappies to use when we’re out for a bit in the day are Bumgenuis 4.0, Bumgenuis Flips and Blueberry Pockets. The 4.0 and Blueberries are pocket diapers and the Flips are more of a simply, yet different, wrap that you layer with boosters, prefolds or the like. They are all very easy to use and fast-drying. We prefer the Flips out of all of our on-the-go diapers because you don’t have to take out the insert to wash them… we’ve had our fair share of accidentally touching poo or wee doing this! It’s not the highlight of my day.
UPDATE! I decided to sell my blueberry pocket diapers and will be purchasing more flips to replace them. I sold them before writing this post, so I don’t have any pictures, sorry… Although they are great and have been bomb-proof, I love the ease of flips and don’t have many in my stash.

-Bumgenuis 4.0
These were Tom and my favourite cloth nappies for so long! Then we found hybrids… but these are great! They are very thin for cloth nappies and the fabric always looks good. They are very easy to clean and dry very quickly. The only downside to these is they are pockets. As I mentioned above, taking out the inside of a pocket nappy to clean it just isn’t a fun experience sometimes. And it’s those times that you remember.

IMG_0121  IMG_0123

-Bumgenuis Flips
These are essentially a wrap with a bit of border fabric to hold in the inserts. Bumgenuis sell their own inserts to be used with flips, or you can use prefolds, bamboo boosters, hemp boosters, microfibre boosters or a combination of any. We usually stuff them with a prefold, a bamboo booster and a hemp booster. These are so easy to wash, dry and put together! I think these are definitely the best choice for travel nappies as they can be the thinnest ones I own if I don’t stuff it very thick… and again, they’re so easy to work with!

IMG_0113 IMG_0114


As I mentioned above, if at all possible, we much prefer using nappies that are all fabric and no pul. We’ve found this even more important at night since we’ve never needed to change Harvey in the night which means he’s in the same diaper for 11-12 hours. And if there is any chance of overheating, it’s at night.

[Night Hybrids]
These are essentially the same as day hybrids, but with more layers for extra absorbancy since they’re in them much longer. Our favourite night hybrid brand is Sweet Cherry Pie Cloth. I’ve tried day hybrids from that brand, but did not get on well with them. Their night hybrids are fabulous though! Because of all of the layers, they do not need a wrap… but be warned, they are mahoosive! 

IMG_0127 IMG_0128

[Cotton Diapers + Wool Wrap]
The other night nappies we use are Sandy’s. These are simply cotton diapers without any extra layers or boosters included. They can be worn in the day like this with a wrap, but we prefer to boost them with bamboo and hemp boosters and use a wool wrap over them. A wool wrap is exactly what it sounds like: a wrap made out of wool. These are brilliant!!!!!!!! Wool is in incredible fabric. It keeps you warm when it’s cold and keeps you cool when it’s warm. It can also be lanolised which makes it water-resistant which is why it can be used as a wrap. Lanolised wool is wool that is coated with lanolin (wool wax). When you sprinkle water over lanolised wool, the water beads up and slides off. So you can imagine, when your cotton nappy gets wet when used overnight (which it will), the lanolin keeps the moisture from leaking out of the wool wrap. You will need to re-lanolise the wool wrap ever so often. Our favourite wool wraps are the Disana wool nappy covers. I like that they come up high on the waste and have little leg holes so that it really prevents leaking.

IMG_0124 IMG_0129

The left picture is the Sandy’s on it’s own. The right picture is how I layer it. I usually layer with two to three bamboo boosters and a hemp booster.


[PUL Wraps]
Even though we prefer the systems above, we do have a few pul wraps that we keep on hand in case the wool covers are washing, drying or lanolising as this process can take awhile. Our favourite wraps are Blueberry wraps and Rumparooz wraps. They are both double-gusset which means they have an extra band of elastic fabric around the legs to really ensure a good, snug fit around the legs to prevent leaking. These wraps are both birth-to-potty so they can snap down to fit tiny babies and extend for older babies. We used these wraps when Harvey was a newborn and layered it with a prefold. We did this before we discovered hybrids, but I really liked the system, so I may do the same with baby #2.

The wrap on the left is the blueberry and the one on the right is the Rumparooz. You can see the double-gusset pictured on the right.

IMG_0130 IMG_0131

So there you have it! Those are our favourite day and night cloth diapers! I hope you found this insightful and helpful, but please know that these diapers don’t work for every baby! I would definitely recommend to anyone considering cloth diapering to buy a few diapers from several different brands including totally different systems (wraps + prefolds or boosters, cotton diapers with wraps, pocket diapers, all-in-ones, all-in-twos, etc). It takes awhile to figure out what nappies fit the best on your baby and what ones you like putting them in and cleaning. All of these things will be taken into account to find out with diapers will be the ones you reach for the most. But I find it very fun! And I like that I’m not putting any harsh, allergenic chemicals on my baby and “saving the environment one-less nappy at a time”!

Andrea xoxo

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