FinnandJules harem baby trousers REVIEW

To every mum struggling to find stylish and affordable baby clothes that are “cut for cloth” (clothes that fit cloth nappies/diapers), look no further than FinnandJules!

Apart from H&M baby clothes which I can’t rave about enough, it’s been very hard to find much that isn’t six months too big for him in every area except the bum area. And H&M’s baby range is quite limited in style selection.

I had a gander on etsy and found harem baby trousers! These are particularly roomy in the bum area and can be easily dressed on babies in disposables as well.

When I came across FinnandJules harem trousers, I knew Harvey had to have them! I have to say that they were so much more lovely than I imagined!
The harem style is brilliant for cloth nappies, but these were made particularly well! This may sound a bit ridiculous, but I really like that these have a proper tag. I’ve bought clothes on etsy before and other handmade clothes that don’t have a tag! This makes for changing clothes a bit of a faff.
IMG_0124I bought them in size six to nine months. We received them when Harvey was five months old and they fit great! He’s now seven months old and is still fitting them perfectly. We have gotten so many compliments on them when we’ve been out with them on.

And wherever you are in the world, FinnandJules has very affordable shipping rates, which is hard to find. I know this very well since living in the UK… I couldn’t even guess the number of items I’d had family and friends bring over or ship to me from the states because of ridiculous company shipping rates.

I have to say, now that summer is approaching, I feel like I can’t resist getting their harem baby shorts… I’m dying of cuteness overload imagining Harvey wearing them with his chunky legs poking out!
We may also need a summer beanie… because why not?! 
Enough rambling and daydreaming about dress up…

Overall, I would definitely recommend FinnandJules’s harem baby trousers and them as a whole shop. Their communication and customer service was brilliant. They were very prompt, kind and helpful with their responses.

Andrea xoxo

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