Harvey’s (and mummy’s) 6 month update!

It seems like just yesterday our life was totally different and it was only us two (Tom + Andrea)…
It’ so true when people say “your whole life is going to change when your baby is born”. Everything changes! OVERNIGHT! 

Some changes are very fun and easily adaptable while others have been a bit hard to adjust to. But of course, it goes without saying that everything is worth it for Harvey.

But alas, here we are SIX MONTHS down the line.

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All ready to go to the gym with mummy! #harveyjude

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Harvey has definitely mastered rolling over and pushing himself up. He first rolled over at three months old, but it took him awhile to be able to roll over on each side. But he is now experimenting with getting his knees under himself as he tries to rock himself forward and backward. He still much prefers rolling to get himself around as he can roll across the room in about three seconds.

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#harveyjude says happy birthday uncle Dave!!

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Just within the last couple weeks, his personality has really started blooming! He can tell when I enjoy things that he’s doing and find things he does funny because he laughs and repeats them. He shakes his head “no” because I find it so cute. He shakes his head “no” for everything! 

He still enjoys his jumparoo and recently has added a few other toys to his favourite selection. Harvey and Tom have lots of laughs making faces in a mirror.

We’ve started baby-led weaning, and it’s going great! His favourite foods are pears, oranges, toast, smoothies, raw juices, greek yogurt and pasta. The only thing he doesn’t like is broccoli. It’s definitely a texture thing… He can recognise it and avoids it completely.
We are of course continuing to breastfeed and that is going great! His feedings have cut down now that he’s eating proper food. I kind of miss it, but enjoy that I don’t have to constantly find a place to sit down to feed him throughout the day.

I haven’t had him weighed in AGES, but I know he’s a heavy little man. He is also quite tall for his age at 27 inches. We receive comments all the time that he looks and acts much older.

And for the biggest accomplishment… Harvey is starting to master sleep! He used to literally wake up every 30-90 minutes all night long since birth. In fact, it got worse as he was getting older. He used to wake every two hours as a newborn and it even spaced out a bit, but by about three months, his waking schedule went downhill fast. I think this change started as the “four month sleep regression” (in reality, I have read and heard that this can happen anytime between three and five months). And now looking back, I think how I responded to his frequent wakings is what continued his frequent waking cycle.
Each time he woke at night, I would feed him. That was the response that seemed natural. I assumed he was hungry, so I fed him… even if he just nursed a bit 30 minutes before. For awhile I thought it must be gas or upset tummy and would try to massage his tummy or burp him, but that seemed to wake him up and he would cry even more as he was simply waking up and needing to go back to sleep.
So when I started the cycle of nursing him back to sleep each waking, and he quickly got accustomed to this routine.
I think I’m going to do a whole blog post about Harvey’s sleeping and what methods and tips we have to help him sleep.
But basically, Tom and I had to get really focused and dedicated to changing this pattern.
So we’ve had a bit of some ups and down during this process, but overall, his sleeping has improved dramatically!
He takes two naps in the day for about one and a half to three hours each (mostly one and a half) and wakes once in the middle of the night for a quick feed and then again between five and six thirty. These early morning wakings have been a struggle on their own because I know he’s not hungry, he’s not fussing or crying, acts playful, but is clearly tired. Not sure what those wakings are about…

On the same thought of sleep, Harvey has a lovely! And it’s the most adorable thing in the world! It’s a Douglas Shhlumpie fox!
IMG_0002I’m doing really well too! I’m feeling much more myself, although overall since Harvey was born, I now see myself completely as “mum”. All of my decisions, thoughts and feelings all seem to lead back to… “mum”. I think I may need to somehow find a balance and think back to who I was before Harvey and see if I’m overlooking and forgetting about parts of myself that are still very much “me”.
Going back to the first point… “everything changes”… but when Harvey’s asleep and I have time to myself, I can’t think of much to do. I think I’m going to start spending the time reading, studying midwifery, DIYs, youtube videos (our Youtube channel: Chamberlains2go), etc.

I’ve started going to the gym now that we found one in London that has a creche/daycare. We now go three times a week and both enjoy it. Harvey does great in the creche! I do a fitness pilates class on Mondays and then a mix of cardio and strength-training on Wednesday and Friday.
Lots of physical changes happen during pregnancy and birth. Toning up is a top priority for me at this point! And although my body is strong to be able to constantly carry (and of course to have birthed Harvey naturally), I feel quite weak a lot of times. So I would love to gain strength and endurance.

Watch our update video below:

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