Top 10 for Dads

dad collage

-In the Kitchen-

I may just have one amazing husband, but my hubby has taken over some of the meal cooking ever since I got pregnant and now that we have a baby. My friend just got a George Foreman Grill and Griddle and said it was life-changing. If your hubby also likes to make you breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings, this grill & griddle will make the process much easier and faster which means he can have more cuddles with the baby while you’re still getting ready for the day! How’s that for a win-win.
Mamas and daddies alike can enjoy the Corkcicle Wine Chiller. This nifty device keeps the wine perfectly fresh and chilled during a family picnic, barbecue with friends or a quiet night in around the fire once the kids are off to bed.
Sleep deprivation comes with the territory when you become a parent. And even though daddies may not have to wake up every 1-3 hours like us mamas, they usually still have a more disturbed sleep than their pre-baby days. I love this Programmable Digital Filter Coffee Maker. I like programmable coffee makers because you can set the brewing time so you can always wake up to a freshly brewed cup [or pot] of coffee. And let’s face it… smelling coffee linger through the house as you get ready makes the process a bit more enjoyable.
How bout I’ll do you one even better? What if you could grow your own coffee plant? I found this rather hipster gift and could just imagine this sweet lil thing propped in a sunny window. How fun it would be to watch the beans grown and ripen perfectly… then ready for grinding.
Then he can take a hot cuppa to work with his new travel mug because the Starbucks bill racks up fast!


Can I describe this travel bag set as sexy? Because it most certainly is! They are able to be personalised as well which can be a nice touch for gifts.

-Chill time for Dad-

Shower times are one of the only times dads get “alone time”… at least in our house! What a fun gift a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker would be to customise the ambience in the bathroom while he’s getting ready. Whether he needs some relaxing, chilled out music or a ballad to blast his lungs out to, he can decide with excitement. And… who’s stopping us from using it too!
The Apple iPad Mini  is a no-brainer gift for anyone… except maybe your grandma, but let’s not totally count them out either. The iPad mini is the perfect size for them to have around the house to watch a film with the little ones, update the family’s finance balance, or to play “Clash of Clans” for too many hours while their wives have to repeat each sentence a few times to get their attention 😉

– Playful Dad-

Umm… can we all marvel at how clever this Train Playmat T-shirt is… I can just imagine the excitement on a child’s face when they see this gem on the back of their daddy’s shirt when he lies down on the floor beside them. What a sweet moment…
I think matching daddy & baby shirts to be the absolute cutest thing. I saw this oak & acorn shirt set and actually squealed a little. We need this… oh yes.

I will also make my wishlist specific for my favourite dad- my hubby soon!

Andrea xoxo


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