Natural Organic Lavender Deodorant: Earth Conscious [Review & Compare]



I actually won the Earth Conscious Natural Organic Deoderant [Lavender] through a facebook giveaway! I’d never won anything before! I was super excited.

I have recently ventured into testing out natural deodorants. My all time favourite deodorant has been Secret Women’s deodorant for years. The all day lasting power and scent is brilliant!

However, I’ve been trying to slowly convert all of my products to more natural alternatives. Deodorant has been one of the last things to change because frankly I was scared I wouldn’t find one that works and I would smell of BO without knowing it.Let’s be honest, no one likes smelling BO.

The first natural deodorant that I tried was Secret Natural Mineral. I thought this was the perfect alternative! Same beloved brand and a natural alternative. It actually has a great score on EWG’s Skin Deep– Environmental Working Group’s database of products… it’s a great way to read what’s really in the products and how harmful they are.

I also bought a Tom’s Of Maine Deodorant at the same time. I love their toothpaste, so I thought I’d try their deodorant while I was testing the natural deodorant market. They too had a great score on EWG’s Skin Deep.

I honestly like both of these products a lot! I am officially a satisfied natural deodorant convert! Yippee! To compare, I think the Secret deodorant has slightly longer lasting staying power.

I took a break from using the Secret and Tom’s of Maine deodorant after I received the Earth Conscious lavender deodorant to properly test, review and compare it.

-The Review-

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 10.13.57 PMI think the Earth Conscious deodorant is pretty comparable and overall a good natural deodorant. Using a balm deodorant took some getting used to. Honestly, it kind of weirded me out to use my fingers to rub on my deodorant. I wasn’t previously aware of how little, if ever, I touch my armpits. I realised it was kind of an issue I needed to deal with actually… to be comfortable with all parts of my body. For some reason, I think people are quite scared of their armpits. I think it’s because they can smell. I think we shun them because of this 😉

I expected the deodorant to have a lavender scent, but I didn’t notice a scent at all. This also took some getting used to, but again, I recognised that our armpits aren’t supposed to smell like mint or vanilla. I actually don’t mind this much, I just don’t want them to smell like BO.

I absolutely love the size of the container and the ingredient list. It is a convenient, compact size that I think is perfect for traveling! The bulky deodorant packing is so yesterday’s news. But don’t let the small size fool you- this little tin will last you ages! I’ve used it every day for 2-3 weeks now and it hardly looks used.
The ingredient list by far trumps the Secret and Tom’s list. Earth Conscious contains: organic coconut oil, organic arrowroot, sodium bicarbonate, organic shea butter, beeswax, organic lavender oil and organic tea tree oil. That is it… how perfect. It truly is a good sign when you can pronounce and recognise each ingredient. I love when I think, “Oh! I can totally make that!” It means I am confident and comfortable with using each ingredient. I also like that there are no antiperspirant ingredients. Perspiring is a necessary and healthy bodily function. It allows your body to cool off and release toxins.

I think the only downfall is that it doesn’t have as long of staying power, but I would expect that with the purity of those ingredients. I think  if I was going out for a nice dinner or an evening event, I would reapply it before, but I’ve never felt the need with my everyday life.

Overall, I am very pleased with this deodorant!

-Review Scores-

Effectiveness: 4.3/5
It is a great all natural deodorant, but the staying power isn’t as good as other commercial brands. I think the Tom’s and Secret natural deodorant is also a bit more effective, but again, their ingredient list is not as natural.

Convenience/Ease of use: 4.5/5
I love the compact size, but I’m still getting used to using a balm deodorant. I am also pleased that this is readily available in the UK.

Ingredients: 5/5
Perfect! Couldn’t be happier!

Price: 4.7/5
Pretty affordable… especially for how long I expect it to last. It’s a great price for a smaller, local business as well!

Overall: 4.6/5

Earth Conscious Natural Organic Deoderant [Lavender]

I’m excited to check out more from Earth Conscious now!

Andrea xoxo

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