My Wishlist- Top Ten for Harvey


10 harvey

-Baby Mocassins-

Has anyone else fallen in the trap of baby shoes? I know, I know, they grow out of them in about thirty seconds, but their cuteness is overwhelming. I love soft newborn shoes. These mocassins by Freshly Picked have great reviews for their durability and are raved about for staying on the foot. They are quite expensive, especially because they will be outgrown quickly, but they would be a great Christmas present. They also have deals on them every now and then, so keep a lookout for those!

-Nursery Decor-

In my ‘5 things I’d tell my pregnant self’ video (will be live 13 December for #VLOGMAS), you will hear that I wish I had done more DIY nursery decor when I was pregnant. Those opportunities are long gone now that I have a baby. My hands are either full of baby, dishes or laundry. Since realising that I am not supermom, I have been on the search for the perfect nursery decor. During my search, I came across these name letters on etsy. I thought I’d go for the standard decorated wood letters, but then these beauties caught my eye. I’ve never seen anything like these before. There are quite a lot of prints to choose from which is always great for us picky mommas.

I also thought this ‘I love you’ print was quite different. It is very simple and striking. I think it can hold it’s own on a plain wall which is what I need because we aren’t really supposed to hang much in our apartment… YOLO! It is an easy colour to coordinate with and the scroll wood framing is lovely.

-Trousers [cloth diaper friendly]-

I’m sure all other cloth diaper moms can relate to the struggle to find trousers that fit cloth diaper bums properly. I have found that maxaloones, harem pants, leggings & jogging botoms are the best options!
Maxaloones are great because they can be worn for such a long time. These maxaloones can be worn from 3 months to 3 years! How’s that for baby clothes?! The upper band and ankle bands can be folded when they are younger and unfolded as they grow. The bum and legs stretch well as they fill out too.
Harem pants are also cut generously so they fit over cloth diapers, but are not as generous as maxaloones. They are a good alternative if you don’t like the bands in maxaloones. I love the print of these harem pants! They are fun, but not too “childish”… I’m not keen on the kiddy cartoony style clothes. They are also organic cotton- win!
[H&M and Frugi are commercial brands that are cut well to fit cloth diapers]

-Baby Onesie-

I don’t have enough words to describe the cuteness of this ‘love you more’ onesie. It reminds me of my own childhood, and I just can’t get enough. This etsy shop also had foxes and fawn onesies that I wanted to die over, and they are gender neutral which are good for hand me downs or baby shower gifts! These are also organic cotton- so soft…

-Baby Beanie-

When I first found out I was having a boy, I have to admit that I was a little bummed out that I wouldn’t be able to shop for ruffled, bright and overly obnoxious girly clothes. That quickly subsided when I started looking around at baby boy clothes. I now think that baby boy clothes are even cuter! I have always preferred shopping for clothes for my husband than for myself. I just love men’s fashion. When I saw this baby slouchy beanie, my heart leaped! It is perfect for the winter time and even more necessary with babywearing. I find it quite difficult to put on a bulky, stiff hat while he’s sleeping in the carrier. I thought this hat would be great as it’s thin and looks easy enough to stretch over his head without disturbing his sleep.

-Dribble Bib-

Harvey isn’t a mega drooly baby, but I do prefer him to have a dribble bib on during the day as it keeps his tops dry. This dribble bib is a stylish, neutral bib that will match all of his outfits. I also like the size and fit of it. Believe it or not, it can be quite hard to find a bib that fits how you want it to.

-Hybrid Cloth Diapers-

I have found a new love in the cloth diaper department- hybrids! A fellow cloth diaper mama tried them and immediately turned me onto them. They have no plastic layers, so they allow the baby’s bits to breathe. Honestly, they don’t last as long as some other diapers so because of this, but if you find a good hybrid, it can be pretty comparable. I also like to think of these in the same way I think of organic fruits… think about it 😉 These hybrid cloth diapers have six layers and are particularly my favourite kind because they have a fleece layer. The fleece pushes the liquid inside the diaper layers so it lasts longer. Fleece hybrids can be used as night diapers. I use fleece hybrids or cotton & bamboo diapers with a wool wrap for nighttime. I think nighttime is when I like using “breathable” diapers the most because they’re in them the longest.

-Overnight Bag-

We travel to London and back a lot to see family and will be travelling back and forth to the states regularly. Harvey is now officially needing his own bag. We have been putting his clothes and diapers in our bag when we travel, but his clothes are getting larger and thicker (winter clothes) so I’ve been looking for his own bag.
Okay can we all just marvel at this overnight bag?! If you know me at all, you will already be familiar with my love for foxes! I love how this bag is very stylish, but completely functional… inside and outside pockets, structured and slim… it’s everything! It is the perfect size for an overnight weekend bag or carry-on! Can I just say, “YES! I NEED IT!”


Now… let’s get shoppin’!

Andrea xoxo

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