Maternity Photo Session | Wheatfields, Dancing, Farmers

We had the most lovely photography session with the amazing Stephanie Warne Photography

Stephanie and I both thought we would like the photo session to be in a lush, green forest in the countryside of the UK.


But when the time of the photoshoot came, Stephanie insisted that we shoot at a local wheatfield in Fareham, England.

I went with the idea knowing she would know best…


We pulled up to the fields around seven o’clock… just before sunset.

The air was warm with a comfortable breeze. The sunset was absolutely stunning.


The photo shoot was so much fun. I took some pictures alone and some with Tom. It was really sweet snuggling next to him with his hands on my bump!

DSC_1968 DSC_1885 DSC_1871 DSC_1859



It was a lovely experience and I’m sure we’ll always be glad we captured this moment in our lives!


Watch our Maternity Photo Session Vlog below! Tom captured some really great video footage of the photo shoot.


Andrea xoxo

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