29 July 2014… marks our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY

It’s been a great year with many changes including an amazing surprise addition to our family

We had a pretty chilled out day overall.

We started the morning with me making breakfast for us both… I had our wedding video playing on our TV as Tom walked into our kitchen for breakfast.

We had breakfast together and read each other’s anniversary cards.

Once our camera battery was finished charging, we headed into sunny Southsea for a bit of exploring.

Nandos was an easy choice for us for lunch as it’s basically our favourite place to eat in the UK!

We hit up a few new coffee shops in the area and did a lot of walking along the seafront and through parks.

I managed to stay out for most of the day which can be quite hard with the heat, no A/C anywhere and lots of walking required. Changes in pregnancy can really limit your “norm”…

We plan to spend a weekend in London in a couple weeks to continue our anniversary celebrations… will keep you updated.

Spend the day with us! Check out our 2 year anniversary vlog below!

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