32 WEEKS PREGNANT | iced latte + posterior baby

I can’t believe I’m already at this point.
Now is definitely when I start really feeling uncomfortable…
The ever-growing weight of the baby is noticeable in pretty much every daily activity.

But I’m enjoying it while he’s inside ūüôā
Don’t worry baby, I’m not kicking you out [yet]!

—-baby Chamberlain—-

Baby is the size of a jicama, weighs 3.75 pounds and is 16+” long
If baby was born today, he would have a 90+% chance of survival

Vitafusion Prenatal
(I don’t recommend prenatal gummies, but these were literally the only prenatals I could take)

Liquid Chlorophyll
– increases iron & energy level

Milk Thistle Capsules
– supports liver, increases milk supply

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Third Trimester Tea
– contains red raspberry leaf, spearmint, stinging nettle, oatstraw, chamomile, rosehip & alfalfa

Napiers Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea
– gently tones & prepares uterus for labour

Napiers Organic Nettle Leaf Tea
– provides calcium, magnesium & iron

Dandelion Leaf Tea
– supports liver

[the links above are the exact supplements that I bought]

Nothing much different except my feet look and feel like balloons sometimes
I’ve found that walking/exercising really helps the circulation. For a quick relief, I lay on my back and elevate my feet well above heart level. Within 20 minutes they are back to normal.
The UK heat + no A/C in any homes, many cars or shops has been very difficult to adjust to. That has definitely contributed to the balloon feet, constant lip & back sweat as well as lack of sleep.
As you can see from my supplement list, I have been taking some liver support supplements to help with swelling.

They have become quite rough and painful sometimes, but I don’t mind much as I love feeling him move and interact.

I can’t even begin to explain my craving for iced latte in pregnancy. It’s just too much.
The coldness. The flavour. The ice.

[Iced Latte = espresso + milk + ice + flavoring (optional) = pure heaven]

—-baby’s position—-
Posterior for the most part…
At this point, that is still okay as he has a lot of room and fluid to change position which he does throughout the day.
However, I have been working on trying to maintain a forward-leaning position to encourage him to be anterior.
[The baby’s back is the heaviest part of him so leaning forward will encourage him to swing around to the front]

The goal is to not go into labour with him posterior.
Posterior labours are associated with longer & harder labours. (And back labour = ouch!) Babies also don’t descend or come out very easily posterior.

—-stretch marks—-
Besides the ones I got across my chest in the very early weeks of pregnancy, I do not have any!
I don’t have any on my belly, hips, bum or thighs. Although I know for the most part, stretch marks are hereditary, I have been using Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil¬†every morning and night since 27 weeks and think that actually has helped nourished and stretch my skin!


—-da bump—-









Check out my 32 WEEK PREGNANCY VLOG!

Until next time…

Andrea xoxo

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